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A mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of an area of soil. Its purpose is any or all of the following:

  • to conserve moisture
  • to improve the fertility and health of the soil
  • to reduce weed growth
  • to enhance the visual appeal of the area

At Total Gardens we have many "A" Grade products so that you can get the very best from your garden - Our staff will be happy to show you the varieties and guide you as to which one will suit your needs best. Don’t forget we have a courtesy trailer!

Hardwood Chip
Cyprus Chip
Native Mix
Tea Tree Mulch
Pine Bark (15mm)
Pine Bark (40mm)
Super Garden Mix
Mushroom Compost
Bulk Commercial Potting Mix

Stock Feeds

Total Gardens carries a range of quality feed for your stock. We source quality hay, grain and other bags of feed to cater for a variety of nutritional needs.

Call us today to find out more about our stock feed and prices

stock feeds


Looking for something to use for retaining that will last forever? We have the answer. As well as retaining walls, rocks are great for drainage, building features in your garden (like a waterfall), up the sides of footpaths and driveways, around garden beds, gabion baskets - the list goes on! Come on in and have a look before you decide how to do your job and we will show you the options.

We have:

Blue Quarry Rock (200 - 400mm)
Gabion Rock (74 - 200mm)

Decorative Gravel

Gravel is an ideal choice for garden paths, or as a ground cover where cacti and succulents are planted. Likewise, decorative gravel looks great around ponds and garden waterways. It can even be used for a low maintenance, drought-resistant garden.

Give Total Gardens a call today. We're happy to help out with decorative gravel for your Coffs Harbour gardens.

decorative gravel


Depending on the plants and drainage in your Coffs Harbour garden, sand could be what's needed in your soil mix. Sand is also an important landscaping material and is often added to cement mixes.

For all your sand needs, phone Total Gardens today.

Man. Sand or Crusher Dust
Sand Gravel Mix
Beach Sand
River Sand
Brick Sand

Flowering Shrubs

In our subtropical climate, here in Coffs Harbour, gardens will benefit from the colourful inclusion of flowering shrubs.

Our horticulturists will be happy to help you select from the many varieties available through Total Gardens. Call us today and we'll help you get your garden looking glorious.

Flowering Shrubs

Seedlings, Herbs & Vegies

Our nursery is a wonderland at Total Gardens, Coffs Harbour. For many popular plants, we have seedlings to give you a head-start. Your garden (and dinner plate) will also love our herbs and vegetables.

Come in and see our nursery at 5 Nelson St Coffs Harbour today.

Seedlings, Herbs & Vegies

Indoor Plants

Just as an outdoor garden creates a sense of peace and belonging, growing plants indoors helps us to relax.

Adding a few indoor plants to your home or office filters out toxins from the air that are given off from the carpet, furniture, paint and even cosmetics.

Just ask and our qualified staff will guide you to the most well suited plants for your environment.

Indoor Plants

Ornamental & Fruit Trees

Your garden can't possibly be complete without plants that provide fresh fruit for your pantry and others that attract bird life. Which ones will grow best in your Coffs Harbour garden?

Call Total Gardens now. Our friendly advice comes free!

Ornamental & Fruit Trees

Water Features, Ponds & Pumps

Birds love water features and ponds. And the birds are not alone. We love them too - fountains, ponds or any other type of water feature.

Visit Total Gardens and check out the possibilities. We're here 7 days a week at 5 Nelson St, Coffs Harbour.

Water Features, Ponds & Pumps

Pots, Statues & Accessories

Architectural elements in your garden not only look cool, they add ambience and bring an illusion of extra depth and dimension. For this, pots and statues are perfect.

See what's available at Total Gardens at 5 Nelson St, Coffs Harbour. We're here 7 days a week.

Pots, Statues & Accessories

Natives & Ferns

The Australian climate can be harsh with heavy bouts of rain and drought throughout the country all year round. Each state has different plants that suit the climate best.

Native Plants are a magnet for birdlife. They grow in harsh environments and many have fabulous foliage or flowers that are produced over a long period of the year.

Ferns are included in the indoor section at nurseries but most can be grown outdoors. Most ferns are very versatile and are well suited to small shaded courtyard areas. Once established, most are quite hardy.

Natives and Ferns


Citrus trees are some of the easiest fruit trees to grow in the backyard. There is much more beauty to citrus than just their wonderful fruit. Citrus trees also produce an abundance of heavenly scented flowers that can be cut and used as a posy or simply enjoyed on the tree, filling the surrounding garden with a beautiful fragrance. Ask our staff for the trees best suited for your garden.


Seedlings and Herbs

At Total Gardens we have a huge variety of seedlings including vegetables and herbs. Seedlings are a wonderful way to grow flowers, herbs or vegetables because you can often see what you are going to get before you plant. In no time at all you are harvesting yummy veggies and herbs straight from your garden to the table.

Seedlings and Herbs

Pots and Water Bowls

We have an extensive range of pots and water bowls to suit your every need. From colourful indoor pots to large outdoor feature pots, you will find it at Total Gardens.

We have a variety of types and colours to choose from. Come on in and browse or get our friendly staff to help you choose.

Pots and Water Bowls

Water Features and Garden Ornaments

Water features are beautiful to look at, peaceful to listen to and a great focal point in your garden. No matter how large or small your space, we have something to suit.

Why not make a real feature of your outdoor entertaining area with some garden statues or benches. You may never want to go inside again!

Water Features and Garden Ornaments

Road Base

Q. What is Road Base?

A. Well-graded material consisting of various sized particles containing coarse and fine aggregate to enable compaction. We sell a Quarry Road Base 20mm.

Road Base

Cement Products

  • GP Cement
  • Off White
  • Concrete Mix
  • Sand/Cement
  • Rapid Set
  • Builder's Clay
  • Hydrated Lime
Cement Products

Potting Mixes

Total Gardens offers you an extensive range of quality bagged potting mixes, as well as bulk garden and lawn mixes.

We stock Searles, Debco and Amgrow.

Potting Mixes

Pest and Weed Control

Let's face it, weeds and pests are the ONLY constant problem in our gardens!

Our qualified staff will give you all the advice you need to keep your garden looking beautiful and keep your maintenance to a minimum.

We have a large range of solutions to help you including organic and eco-friendly products.

Pest and Weed Control

Bagged Fertiliser

  • Blood and Bone
  • Lime
  • Dolomite
  • Slow Release Pellets
  • 5 in 1 (organic)
  • Citrus
  • Hibiscus & Bougainvillea
  • Native
  • Azalea & Camelia
  • Rose
  • Flowers
  • Dinofert
  • Troforte
Bagged Fertiliser


We sell "Sir Walter" Buffalo.

"Sir Walter" is hardy, fast growing grass perfectly suited to conditions in Australia. Because of it's thick matte, weeds find it difficult to penetrate.

Our "Sir Walter" is guaranteed to be weed and pest free when delivered.


We supply grey blocks (full and half) and Apex blocks.

Grey Blocks 1/2 and Full
Apex Easy Edge


Split, dry firewood available from end April.

Sold by the truck load delivered, trailer load to pick up or even by the car boot load.


When you need a present and don't know what to buy, come on down to Total Gardens and have a browse. We have beautiful coloured pots, ornaments, statues, garden benches, concrete animals (very cute), china tea pots/cups/saucers... the list goes on and on!

Don't forget potted plants (indoor and outdoor), trees, ferns and herbs.

Just ask and our staff will be glad to pot your plant into your pot for you so it's ready to gift before you leave the garden centre.



  • Seeds
  • Bulbs
  • Lawn Feed
  • Tomato Stakes
  • Kids Tools
  • Black Plastic
  • Pumps
  • Garden Tools
  • Weed Mat
  • Grow Walls
  • Screening
  • Compost Bins
  • Bird Netting
  • Loan Trailer
  • Coffee Shop
  • Gift Cards

Expert Advice

There is nothing nicer when shopping than being assisted by somebody who actually loves their job and knows what they are talking about!

At Total Gardens, "We are all about your garden". We love gardening as much as you do.

We have fully qualified horticulturalists on staff.

Come on in.
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